This form is to be completed annually by the staff advisor and submitted
for approval to the “reports to” authority listed below.

Date: September 6, 2018

Purpose of the Committee:

  • To assist local councils in the expansion of Scouting to members of the Vietnamese communities, helping to promote Scouting and form new units where needed.
  • To assist in organizing a Vietnamese Scouting Committee in each council where needed.
  • To work closely with the Vietnamese Scouting community to better communicate the needs of the community to the National Council.
  • To be serve as the channel of communication between the National council and the Vietnamese Scouting Community in the United States.
  • To foster understanding of the Vietnamese culture in the hearts and minds of other Scouters.
  • To help preserve and promote appropriate Traditional Vietnamese Scouting and Vietnamese culture.
  • To promote world Scouting brotherhood and fellowship by participating in various local councils as well national and international events.
  • To promote the earning of various awards and recognition by youth members and adults.
  • To promote and provide leadership training opportunities for both youth and adults.
  • To promote and provide activity opportunities for both youth and adults.
  • To help develop evaluate bilingual literature (English/Vietnamese).

Reports to (committee or person): Membership and Relationships Committee

Staff Advisor: Wendy Kurten

Committee Chair and Members:
- Committee Chair – Mr. Hui Nhut Ly
- Committee Executive Board Members – Mr. Ron Coleman
- Committee Member at Large – any BSA registered adult leaders (see roster)

Final Approval Authority of Committee (delegation of authority):

Approve through proper channels.

Annual Action Plan Items:

  • Work with local councils in Northern California; Southern California; Houston, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; and other areas where Vietnamese populations are concentrated to organize new Scouting units and invite Vietnamese families to join Scouting.
  • To assist local councils to organize a Vietnamese Scouting Committee in each council where needed.
  • Plan and execute Scouting training events (nationally) with a Vietnamese emphasis, namely BSA Wood Badge, Vietnamese Venturing Super Camp, Outdoor Leadership Trainings for Vietnamese Scout Leaders.

Committee Meeting Dates:
The National Vietnamese Scouting Sub-Committee will meet once or twice a year and/or as needed. In addition, the executive board members meeting will coincide with the BSA Annual Meeting and National Executive Board meetings.