Newest Merit Badges


Estimated release: 2013 Jamboree
Note: This merit badge will be Eagle-required. Scouts must earn either this or Environmental Science.

Description: A badge to teach Scouts to use resources responsibly.


Estimated release: 2013 Jamboree

Description: A tech-focused merit badge for the 21st Century.

Digital Technology (will replace Computers)

Estimated release: 2013 (after Jamboree)

Description: Technology has come a long way since Computers merit badge was first introduced in 1967. This badge, which replaces Computers, will teach Scouts about technology in the digital age.

Mining in Society

Launch: February 2014 at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City

Description: Mining has been an important part of the United States since the 19th century. Today, the U.S. mining industry employes 3 million people, directly and indirectly, and is a major contributor to the global mining landscape. I expect this merit badge will cover the history of mining, explore the status of mining in the 21st century, and introduce Scouts to modern mining careers.


Estimated release: 2014

Description: Computer or traditional animation tasks that will test a Scout’s creativity, artistic skills, and storytelling abilities.

Signs, Signals, and Codes

Estimated release: 2014

Description: American Sign Language (ASL) is the third most used language in the United States. The Signs, Signals, and Codes merit badge will cover Morse code, ASL, Braille, signaling, trail markings, and other nonverbal communications. Did you know that some of these have even saved people’s lives?


Estimated release: 2014

Computer-Aided Design

Estimated release: 2014-2015

Description: Teaching boys to use computer systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design.

Advanced Computing

Estimated release: 2014-2015

Newest Merit Badges — Available Now

Game Design

Released on March 6, 2013


Description: Slated to include both traditional games and video games, this sure-to-be-popular merit badge will test Scouts’ creativity, problem-solving skills, and planning abilities.

Search and Rescue

Released on Aug. 20, 2012


Description: Scouts won’t fly helicopters, but they’ll get practice in finding and rescuing people in case a real emergency ever happens.


Released on June 13, 2012


Description: A basic-level merit badge for flat-water kayaking — whitewater kayaking will still fall under 


Released on Feb. 24, 2012



Released on April 11, 2011



Released in September 2011



Released in December 2010



Released in June 2010


Scouting Heritage

Released in May 2010


Scuba Diving

Released on Dec. 1, 2009

Description: The next generation of computing.