NVSC, BSA - Core Team Description

The Core Team Lead positions are to be the point of contact and provide leadership to the team to complete goals and objectives that fall under these categories. The Team Lead are responsible to lead, plan, manage and communicate each category for each role. The Core Team lead identify, recruit volunteer, and support that person who oversees the event/activity/communication.

Membership Development

1. Provide leadership to establish new units/LD by drafting and preparing documents relating to the establishment and enrollment of a new unit when there is a request from a local Council where Vietnamese-Americans live or from the Vietnamese community for the establishment of new units/LD.
2. Prepare records relating to the National Vietnamese Scouting Committee's programs, work closely with the Marketing and Communication team to promote and support units/LD with resources of the BSA.

Marketing, Communications + Database

1. Updating the circular of the Committee and BSA on the huongdao.org website home page, Facebook page, and proposing new ideas for information that should be communicated to the Vietnamese Scouting units/LD.
2. Publish a periodic online newsletter that include news from the BSA, units, changes in policy, events (trai hop ban), trainings, etc.… the audient for this online newsletter are Scouts, Scouters, parents, and units/LD.
3. Serve as liaison for the National Vietnamese Scouting Committee and the community at-large. Develop communication plan for the Vietnamese media with article, videos, interviews, etc.… 
4. Maintain and updated database of active units/LD leadership and Vietnamese Scouting volunteer.


1. Provide leadership to plan fundraising events for all major programs hosted by the Committee such as TKP, Trai Nganh Thieu, Camp Scholarship, Etc.
2. Develop a Long-term fundraising plan to have funds available for future programs such as camps, activities, camp scholarships, etc.
3. Early engagement in each event budget planning.


The team objectives are to develop a 3-5-year plan, identify and recruit manpower to implement the BSA training program such as Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skill (IOLS), BSA Wood Badge (Tung Nguyen), Vietnamese culture and traditions, etc... but not limited to. Ensure that lessons learned are collected to pass on to the next event.


This is the core of NVSC activities. This team develops, maintains, and updates a 3-5 year rolling program plan for the Vietnamese Scouting in the US. It is very important for all the sub-teams to work closely together in helping the team lead to bring recommendations forward to the Key 3 and Executive Members. The team lead and sub-team leads, as necessary and as early as possible, work closely with the Marketing Team Lead as well as the Finance/Fundraising Team Lead to ensure that coordination is successful among teams. Each sub-team lead would help to appoint a volunteer and support that person who oversees the activity/event (for example Trai Truong Trai Nganh Thieu in 2021 or Trai Truong 2021 Trai Binh Tam-Jamboree)


The main objective of this team is to develop, maintain and update a plan to encourage each unit/LD to recognize their deserved volunteers. To achieve this objective, this team will need to work closely with the Communication/Marketing Team in order to reach regular communication to as many units/LD’s as possible. This objective should be a standing agenda item for each Vietnamese Scouting Conference. Another objective is to work closely with the Finance/Fundraising Team to award scholarships to our youth and young leaders.


This team is to identify and recruit manpower (Union Workers) to build a service team to provide service at major national Vietnamese Scouting events such as TKP, Trai Thieu, IOLS, Trai Tung Nguyen, Etc.