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News information Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm

June 17, 2020



Trại Họp Bạn Bình Tâm
Vietnamese Scouting Jamboree, BSA
July 3-9-2022

 While the BSA is working diligently with the Health Department to finalize guidelines to safely facilitate summer camp this year, Trai Binh Tam (TBT) key staff have made the decision to reschedule TBT, Trai Khai Pha IV, Trai He Nganh Thieu II, Trai Gang Suc and Trai Phu Huynh to next year, July 3 - 9, 2022, in the interest of providing enough time for Scouting units to prepare for a week-long camp and travel logistics.

The staff for each camp will continue to meet throughout this year to finalize program in preparation for Scouts to come together after so long. We will keep you posted as more information develops.

Alina Lee Santiago
Trai Truong, Trai Binh Tam

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