The National Commissioner Support Team has just finished updating and upgrading Commissioner training. Please share with your Councils. These files should be on the Commissioners web site before the October Committee meetings.

Goals for Basic Training were to:

  1. 1.Make it possible to field a new Commissioner as soon as reasonably possible after accepting theNow the orientation training is all on-line and one Basic training is all that is required before commissioning.
  2. 2.Make the training easy toCommissioner Basic used to be three 2 hour sessions spread over three weeks.  Now it is one 3 hour session and is role specific.  Give them just enough to understand the role and get them going.
  3. 3.Make the training moreMost Councils were no longer using the three 2 hour sessions and had created their own course creating many diverse training courses.

Goals for the Commissioner College were to:

  1. 1.Provide the materials necessary to conduct theThe only thing we had provided in the past was the course outline in the Continuing Education manual.  Slides were often downloaded from .  No materials were provided at the National level.
  2. 2.Update the courses and theMost all of the courses had not been reviewed or updated in many years.  We needed to get them current.  Some new courses needed to be added and some dropped.
  3. 3.Make the contentBy placing the content on the National Commissioner website rather than in a manual, we can update the courses as programs change.  For example adding Voice of the Scout can easily be added to the appropriate courses.
  4. 4.Make the training moreTico had traveled to over 2/3 of the Councils and the training provided at the college varied so much that he was very concerned.  We needed to provide more material for the instructor on how to conduct the course.
  5. 5.Make the training complete – everything needed to teach the course is self-contained in a ZIP file.
  6. 6.Move away from PowerPoint as the primary teaching method.

Until the Commissioner Training web page is updated we have DropBox links to the Basic Training and the college courses. 

Commissioner Basic:

College Courses: